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Calling all young filmmakers.

At Abnormal Behaviour, we want to support young, independent filmmakers similar to ourselves so, we created The AB Network. See below for more information on how you can connect with other filmmakers and be involved with future projects. 

featured scripts

Got a short script with potential? We want to feature it. Our 'Scripts' page is dedicated to showcasing our favourite scripts from promising young writers and writer/directors, helping to connect them with the right people to get the script into production. Abnormal Behaviour will make the introduction between interested party and writer. 

Please email a PDF of the script with just film title and copyright on the title page (no names, no contact details).  Subject line, 'SCRIPT FOR CONSIDERATION'. Please include a logline in the body of the email.

Mailing List

DoPs, Sound Designers, Art Directors, Actors. We're often crewing for short films and are always building our network of filmmakers. Send us your showreels/ portfolios, what you specialise in and a little bit about yourself. We'd love to hear from you and we'll consider adding you to our mailing list for future crewing.

Please email an example of your work with subject line, 'FUTURE CREWING: [insert role]', where you're based and a bit about yourself. Actors please use subject line, 'FUTURE CASTING'.

Get in touch!

If you just want to get in touch for no particular reason at all, we'd still love to hear from you and we're always here to help so feel free drop us an email.

Send emails to

We'll try to get to your email ASAP and respond to all but please do bear with us.

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